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(I work in a cafe that sells milk tea. The following exchange occurs when my boss is calling order numbers)
Customer: *comes to pick up drink and notices the small sign that says we sell tea eggs, which are basically hard boiled eggs steeped in tea and spices* Oh, you sell tea eggs?
Boss: Yeah, would you like one?
Customer: Sure, I’ll give them a try.
(My boss goes to get the eggs. They’re in one of those electric pots that keeps them warm, and we take them out and put them in small paper bags when a customer wants some)
Boss: Here you go. (hands paper bag to customer, who looks confused)
Customer: I thought you put them in the drinks? (gestures to their drink)
Boss: …
(Why the customer thought we put hard boiled eggs into the drink cups along with the actual drink still baffles me.)

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