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, | Unfiltered | August 8, 2020

(I handle the email inbox for an energy company. I can do most Care actions by regular old email so customers don’t have to call in. However there are still some things that can’t be by done email due to security risks and plain old common sense.

A great example was one email I received about a customer wanting to update their credit card info.)

Customer email:
Hello, my name is [Customer] and I need to update my credit card information for automatic payment on account [account number].

It’s a Visa the card number is ************, expiration date 11/20, and security number ***. My billing address is 1234 Skipafew Ln.

For some reason my bank had to give me a new card because my old card’s information was compromised somehow and I had a lot of fraudulent charges on my account. Call me if you need anything else. Thank you.

(After several minutes of letting the irony sink in I did respond to this customer informing them to never share credit card information online unless it’s with our Care reps over the phone or through their online customer account where they can update that information safely.)

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