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(This happened several years back. I was working the front cash at a popular fast food restaurant one evening when an elderly lady comes in. At first she seemed very congenial)

Me: How can we help you tonight, ma’am.

Lady: I would like one of your [name of deal] deals, please.

Me: (confused) I don’t believe we have a deal by that name, Ma’am.

Lady: Yes, you do. My husband was here earlier today and got it. He told me it was the [name] deal.

Me: Ma’am, I assure you, we don’t have a deal by that name. We do have THIS deal though. (I point to a poster near the cash register advertising a completely different deal)

Lady: (looking at the poster) No, that’s not it. I don’t know what the problem is. My husband was here earlier today and got this deal. He told me specifically that it was called the [name] deal. So that’s what I want. (By this time she has started to raise her voice, and that’s only the beginning) Why are you lying to me?

Me: I assure you, I am not lying to you. THIS is the only deal we have on right now.

Lady: No, it’s not!

(I’ll avoid a lot of repetition here and just say that this went back and forth for several more minutes until the lady was just short of screaming at me, then eventually calling me stupid, before she finally stormed out)

Co-Worker: (coming up front from his post at the grill) What was that all about?

Me: She kept asking for a deal that we don’t have here, and wouldn’t accept the truth from me.

Co-Worker: What was the name of the deal?

Me: A [name] deal.

Co-Worker: Oh, that’s [another popular fast food restaurant]!