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(I own a shop downtown that sells all sorts of cool and interesting items. One day, I get a text from my employee with a picture of an item that we do not sell and have never sold.)
Employee’s Text: “This is not ours, correct?”
My Text: “I have no clue what that is. Maybe it’s from [local toy store]?”
Employee’s Text: “That’s what I thought. Some woman just argued with me that she got it here and showed me where she thought it was displayed in the store! She was a piece of work.”
(I went to my store, talked with my employee, and recounted the incident. The woman had brought the item in and repeatedly ignored my employee telling her that we didn’t sell the item and advising her to check with the toy store we thought it came from. In addition, in response to this, she told my employee that “you wouldn’t know, you’re just a seasonal employee.” Eventually, my employee told her that if she can bring the receipt from the item to the store, we would give her a refund. Less than a half hour after this, the woman returns to the store and presents us with a receipt for another item that has been shredded and taped together. My employee checks the receipt.)
Employee: (aside to me) “The receipt is from 11/28. (Today is 12/31) She can’t get a refund for it. She’s going to be mad.” (to the customer) “I’m sorry, ma’am, we can’t refund this item. Can we give you a store credit slip instead?”
Customer: (angrily) “Well, you told me that if I brought you the receipt, you’d give me a refund!”
Employee: “When I told you that, I was referring to the other item you brought me earlier today. I can’t refund this item because it’s past the 30 days we allow for refunds. I can still give you store credit, though.”
(The customer begrudgingly took her store credit and left the store. We never heard another word about the first item.)

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