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Me: “Here are your keys.”

Customer: “And do you have my rewards card on there?”

Me: “No, ma’am, do you have it with you?”

Customer: *snarky* “No!”

Me: “Well, that’s no problem, I can look it up with your last name.”

Customer: *rattles off her last name*

Me: “I’m sorry, but the computer can’t find you.”

Customer: *banging fists* “WHAT! You guys always do this! Now I won’t get my reward points!”

Me: “You can call this phone number to ask and then come back.” *gives number*

(The woman, glaring, takes it and walks away, but comes back a short while later and berate and taunt me for not having her rewards card on file! She blamed me for not having her card instead of calling the number and asking for it. God, I hate my job…)

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