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(A businessman on his phone checks in. He was really rude, grunting, and not looking up from his phone. We hand him the keys and he goes to his room. Minutes later, he returns.)

Businessman: “Excuse me! How dare you give me a handicapped room! Do I look handicapped?” *waves arms and legs*

Me: “I’m sorry, sir…but it is the room that you reserved.”

Businessman: “Bull! You idiots always mess up!”

Me: “And we are sold out sooo… we don’t have any non handicapped rooms left.”

Businessman: “UNACCEPTABLE. I refuse to stay in this room for cripples!”

Me: “It’s our only room left.” *hopeful* “Would you like me to reserve you another room at ANOTHER hotel?”

(He leaves back to his room, cussing. I tell my manager about what happened and he looks the reservation over and says that I was right, it was booked that way. After some calls, turns out, the businessman told his secretary to book him a room here and she did…a handicapped room! She was apologetic, but the businessman didn’t apologize for his rudeness, saying that we should’ve known!)

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