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(I am a personal shopper. Customers come to me all day long and ask questions, usually about where something is. Being a personal shopper, I am on a tight schedule and I have to move onto the next item as fast as possible. On this particular day, we have a record number of orders for the day and are scrambling to get them all done in time. I am extremely introverted and everyone who knows me say I’m one of the nicest people they know.
Customer: What type of bread is that on the end?
Me: (I go over to the display and look for a sign) I’m sorry, I don’t know. I don’t work in the bakery.
Customer: Who does work here?
Me: Um… they’re all behind the deli counter right now.
(I look down at my list to see how I’m doing on time. When I look up, the customer has gotten in line at the deli counter. I have to go over there and get some stuff. I end up behind the deli counter to pick up ask about my order, then I come out.
Customer: Did you ask them?
Me: (realizing I forgot to ask about the bread) Oh, no, sorry, sir, I-
Customer: You need a personality check! You shouldn’t be working with customers!
Me: I’m sor-
Customer: Where is your manager?!
(A deli person comes out to hand me my order and I quickly explain he had a question about bread.
Customer: I was in here yesterday! Remember me?
Deli worker: … About the French bread?
Customer: No! (Yells at her for not remembering him.) But you (points at me), you need a personality check! Where is your manager?! You are being very rude and you need a personality check! Where is the manager of this store right now?!
(I call the manager over to deli and have him calm the customer down while I keep shopping. Once the customer has left, I’m called up to speak with the manager.
Manager: So, you’re fine. Just make sure that next time you remember to tell a deli worker they have a customer.

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