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(I have a voice which others often confuse for a homosexual male around my age. btw i am a 19 year old girl, this following phone call happens, btw i am a lesbian too, and so was she. )

Me: Hello, welcome to dominos and what would you like to get?
Customer: I would like 4 pepperoni pizzas please
Me: That all? and do you have any special instructions for me, you driver today?
Customer: Yes wear the sexiest lingerie you can find
(thinking to myself: okay?
When I finally get there a very good look in girl opens the door with her friends giggling behind her say in something about me being a homosexual male, the first girl looks up after giving me the money and grins happily)

Her: You are a female? OMG we though you were a homosexual male (then giggles aswell,
(She invites me in and undresses in front of me and calls me into her room where i end up staying for a few hours [if you get what i mean ;) ] , so i called my boss say that there was traffic but it went to voice mail.)
Later that day my boss asks me where I was for a few hours amd i shrugged and said check your voicemail
Now every time that number calls when I’m there I always go as quickly as possible and if I’m not there they hang up (after they ask if i am there)