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(At the grocery store, there was an middle-aged woman standing in front of the item I wanted, so after standing for a minute waiting for her to move, I decided to go for it as she was at least two feet from the shelf. After saying excuse me, I grabbed the item and started walking out the aisle. There also happened to be another older woman in the aisle)

Other Older Woman: “Hey! You don’t just walk in front of someone without saying excuse me.”
Me: “Uh.. I did say excuse me?”
Middle-aged Woman: “No, you didn’t.”
Me: “Yea, I said it before I reached for the item.”
MAW: “You don’t say it before. You say it after.”
Me: “I’m pretty sure you say it beforehand.”
OOW: “No. That was very rude of you to do. You need to apologize.”
Me: “Um sorry?”
OOW: “You’ll be a terrible driver when you grow up. I’ll hopefully be off the streets when you’re driving.”
(After shrugging, I left the aisle.)
MAW: (grumbling) “Teenagers these days.”

(I don’t really understand of how “not saying excuse me” really correlates with driving, but that’s okay. I have my driver’s license already, and I haven’t crashed or gotten honked at yet.)