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(Basically one of the medications that we have called ‘Zyrtec’ was repackaged to the name ‘Zyrtec-R’. As it became an over-the-counter item, the indications were listed in more detail.)

Customer: I want ‘Zyrtec’ for allergies.

Pharmacist: The tablet version?

Customer: Yes.

Pharmacist points to Zyrtec-R.

Pharmacist: It’s actually this item. It has been repackaged.

Customer: Why does it have so many uses? (Seeing that instead of just ‘allergies’, it included indications like ‘skin itch, runny nose, sneezing.’)

Pharmacist: All those are symptoms of allergies. It’s the same thing. But since it became an over-the-counter item, its company had to list its uses in more details.

Customer: I want the other one!

Pharmacist: It has been repackaged. You cannot find the old one that says “allergies” anymore. Don’t worry, they are the same thing.

Customer still looks confused. Says “never mind” and walks off.

(This kind of incident actually happens very often. There are some people who just cannot accept change!)