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I work at a popular jewelry brand with a bird as their logo. I am a seasonal employee and am only meant to do cash but I usually end up selling as well. My manager and two other regular employees are doing inventory in the back leaving only me and one regular employee to man the front. Note: this regular employee is much older than me and gets frazzled easily especially since English isn’t her first language

Employee: [As she runs by me] (My name) find them earrings that match this necklace

Me: Okay where is the cabinet with the earrings?

Employee: There’s no earrings that are meant for that necklace. Just look around the store and see what might match

While I’m helping these guests they are polite and patient. As I help them they talk to each other in a language I am not familiar with. They decide to just by the necklace and as I go look for it in the back I ask my manager to step out and finish the transaction.

Just as I find the necklace the employee who gets frazzled runs into the back and starts complaining about the guests

Employee: They are so impatient and rude.

I didn’t find them rude but I keep my mouth shut and just nod

When I come out and show them the necklace in the box they are just as polite as before and we finish their sale in peace

However once they leave my manager tell me and the other employee that she understood what they were saying and that they were rude and impatient

It is important to note that out of the three of us, I am the only one who is both white and a native English speaker.