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Hi, my name is “Me”. How may I help you?
Me: A few things, as we get started: a) Numbers are blocked for your security. b) Inactivity, three minutes or more, ends the chat. c) At the end, you’ll be able to rate our session together.
Customer: trying to create username…
Me: Sorry for the trouble, Customer.
Me: Are you getting any sort of looping, or error messages when trying?
Customer: yes… screen says “we’re sorry, this page is currently unavailable”
Me: Oh my, that’s typically an indication of a server issue on our end.
Customer: It has been this way for 4 days
Me: Do you have an alternate Web Browser you can use? If so, do you mind to try it? Do keep this browser open.
Customer: no I don’t
Me: I see, I should be able to help, Customer.
Me: So long as you can provide the information I’m going to need.
Me: Service address and Billing Security Code, if you can give it to me.
Customer: “Street Address” “City” “State””ZIP”… code is “####”
Me: Excellent, thank you so much.
Me: Did you have a username in mind, Customer?
Customer: yes
Me: Go ahead, I’ll take it, we’re going to build it together, on my end.
Customer: “Username”
Me: Your first password, Customer, will be securely based on your account alone, and system-generated, ok?
Me: You’ll be able to change it once you login the first time.
Me: It is:”Password”, be sure to copy it down, it’ll disappear when we disconnect.
Customer: got it
Me: Last thing to get this built: One of the following Secret Question/Answer combinations-
Me: “Question 1”, “Question 2”, “Question 3”, “Question 4”, OR “Question 5”.
Customer: cant I do this after I log in
Me: We have to do it now, but you can change it.
Me: All set, and all good, Customer. When you log in, you’ll be asked to a) confirm your bill delivery preference, b)update contact information on the web servers, and c) accept updated terms of service.
Me: Terms of service are here: “Website Link”, if you ever want to read them in depth.
Me: Did you have any additional concerns, needs, or questions over your bill, features, or service that I may help address tonight? Customer: trying to log in now… one moment please
Me: Sure
Customer: in… thx
Me: Before we go, make sure that you go and find an alternate Web Browser to download. It’s advisable and very handy in cases when the first one fails to work right. There’s a few free ones out there.
Me: Anything else I can do?
Customer: it says update your username but won’t allow me to
Me: That probably, as I was concerned about earlier, an issue with the current browser cache/cookies.
Me: An alternate/backup browser would work just fine.
Me: It happens like that, due to updates and all that software type stuff.
Me: Once you get another browser on the pc, you’ll be good to go. Any other questions, though?
Customer: I will cancel and turn in the equipment tomorrow… been having too much trouble with “Company”’s stuff… thx for your help
Customer disconnected (‘Concluded by End-user’).