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Customer, presumably a person of at least a basic understanding of retail experiences: “What do you mean I can’t buy this item from the sales floor, just because it’s been recalled?”
Me: *Explains recalls, and the fact that it’s technically illegal to sell recalled items, since we can’t know WHY they were recalled*
Customer: “But it was on the sales floor”
Me: “Yes, unfortunately we can’t catch every item that’s been recalled, since customers sometimes put them in the wrong location, or they get blended in with other items if we’re running low on stock on them.”
Customer *Yells at another cashier for fifteen minutes, seriously upsetting her*
Can people maybe not be garbage? For like, fifteen minutes? She was giving you excellent customer service in spite of the situation. Yelling at people to get what you want, just because you know you can abuse the ‘customer is always right’ system is actually fucking terrible.

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