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At my store there is an online sale happening simultaneously to instore sales BUT online is not at all connected to any sales in store

You will not believe how many sales we lose because of this and how many customers complain

Note: if someone is buying a sale item we cannot use any other discount

Customer: so can I use my $50 voucher?

Me: because it’s a sale item you cannot

Customer: online you can

Me: well we are different from online so I’m not sure about that

Customer: are you sure we can’t combine discounts. I did last time
I was here and (other employee) did it for me

Note: at my store we have some Russian speaking regulars who have really bonded with Russian speaking employee. It is not uncommon for her to give them benefits

Me: sorry but I cannot authorize that

Customer: are you sure?

Since I’m new I started to doubt myself and the customer could see I was on the fence. She kept on bugging me until I turned to the cashier next to me

Me: (employee) do we combine discounts for sale items

Employee: No

Customer: Oh then I won’t get it. Ill come back when (Russian employee) is working