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I work in the IT department at the Municipality where I live. I got this call one morning.

Me: This is Tech Support, good morning.

User: I’m so tired of calling you every three months to change my password. I keep asking you people to let me keep my password, and you never let me!

Me: You’re not the only one who has to change their password. Everyone has to do it every three months. It’s a security measure.

User: Well, I don’t understand why I have to do it. I assure you there are no security issues on my computer.

Me: I’m sure of that, but everyone still has to do it.

User: (shouting) I don’t CARE that everyone has to change their password. I DON’T want to! And you’re going to make it so that I don’t have to!

(By now, I’ve had enough of this. It’s first thing in the morning, and my patience is starting to run out.)
Me: With all due respect, Ma’am, why should you be the only one who doesn’t have to change her password? I have several certifications in Information Technology and Cyber Security, as well as access to the system that controlls password changes, among other things, and I still change my password every three months. Just like everyone else here.

User: Fine! I’ll change my password, but I want the ability to do it myself! Everyone in [department] has to call you every three months to have their passwords changed, and I’m sick of wasting my time on you!

(While I’m not quite new to the job anymore, I still don’t know exactly what security policy each department has, and who can and can’t change their own password.)
Me: If no one in the entire department can change their own passwords, there’s probably a good reason for it. Let’s get to it. What would you like your new password to be?

User: 1223

Me: I apologize, but your password has to have at least six characters, and it has to have letters in it too.

(User gives me a password that matches the policy, I change it, and she logs in.)
User: I still think it’s unfair that we in [department] can’t change our own passwords! You have to change that!

Me: That’s the policy for your department, I’m afraid.

User: Rules are meant to be broken, you know.

Me: This was a decision made above my pay grade. There’s nothing I can do. You can email [manager] about it.

(User hangs up without another word)

Me (after User has hung up): She spends half the call complaining, and then she’s surprised it takes so long. The whole conversation could have lasted under a minute.

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