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(I’m a manager at a popular fast food restaurant. We’re in the middle of a rush, and I’m in the kitchen prepping tomatoes. As I’m doing this, a cashier comes up to me and tells me that there is a rude customer demanding to see me. When I come up to the counter, there is a woman taking up half the counter with her order looking very angry.)

Me: “Hello, ma’am. What seems to be the problem?”

Customer: *Gesturing to the cashier who has gone back to helping other customers* “That young man was very rude to me! All I wanted was some ketchup and he gave me a horrible look!”

Me: *Automatically reaching under the counter for ketchup packets* “I’m so sorry about that. How many ketchups would you like?”

Customer: “No! I don’t want that ketchup! I want the ketchup from the kitchen!”

Me: *Suddenly realizing why the cashier gave up* “Ma’am, its exactly the same ketchup. We-”

Customer: “No! I don’t want to open those packets and waste the precious resources of this planet! I need ketchup from the kitchen!”

(I give in and squirt ketchup from a bottle on the sandwich board into a cardboard container and hand it to her. She huffs and thanks me and leaves with her food. The cashier and I share a look and I finish prepping the tomatoes. When I’m done I come back up to the counter to help the cashier. The customer approaches me again, looking angry.)

Customer: *Thrusting a sandwich toward me* “You made my sandwich wrong. I need a new one!”

(Not wanting to argue with her, I apologize and take the sandwich back into the kitchen to explain the situation to the cooks. I am forced to throw away the sandwich.)

Me: *Later, to the cashier* “So much for not wasting the precious resources of this planet.”

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