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, | Unfiltered | August 4, 2020

This happens every time I get a new stock of cell phones in.
The moment I put the new inventory online to advertise the new phones the store’s email and Facebook keeps lighting up with questions from one customer. This customer asks every time, whether I have it or not mind you, how much certain phones are. I will go to respond but then the phone will start tinging over and over from this customer and when I answer this customer will ask the same question. I tell this customer the prices and the next question is the one that sets me off every time, ” How much is that phone with a $55 plan added to it?” I’ve wanted so many times to answer, ” Pick up a calculator and hit the add key.” But I answer the question politely to be asked the price on another phone and the question how much is it with the $55 plan added. This bugs me since I get stocks of phones in quite and often and I have to hear this every time.

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