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I’m a customer in this story, and haven’t worked retail for at least 10 years. Staff of this drug store wear nametags, greyish polo shirts and black pants. I’m wearing a knit zip up sweater with red and tan and white on it and CANADA written across it. I’m on the phone with my husband, with the phone to my ear, a cart and my purse and my back to a woman who comes up behind me:

Woman [to me]: Where is (some) item?
Me [to my husband]: Do you want me to pick up a loaf for sandwiches?
Woman [to me]: It’s not where it’s supposed to be, usually I can find it….
Me [turning to look at her as she’s speaking]
Woman: Oh, you don’t work here do you
Me [looking at what I’m wearing, and that I’ve got a shopping cart and am on the phone]: Nope
Woman [indignant and accusatory tone]: Well you looked like you worked here
Me [still looking at her, but to husband on the phone]: So anyways, do you want a loaf for sandwiches?

She walked away after that. She honestly blamed me for her own confusion. I was pushing a cart, I had my purse on and was in completely different clothing than staff would be. She’s lucky I was distracted by my phone call, otherwise I would have had some fun words for her on her confusion.

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