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(Two customers come in together.)

Customer 1: I’ll have a cheeseburger with ketchup–no mustard!
Customer 2: I want a cheeseburger too, but I don’t want ketchup–just mustard!

(The customers are served their burgers and all is well for several minutes, until…)

Customer 2: Our burgers are wrong and we need one of them remade!
Manager: OK, sorry about that. What was wrong with them?
Customer 2: Mine had ketchup on it and I wanted mustard! The other one had mustard, but no ketchup!
Manager: OK…
Customer 2: Yeah, I guess we got our burgers mixed up. I didn’t notice the ketchup, so I just started eating it. And I finished mine before she noticed the mustard on hers. And she doesn’t like mustard!
Manager: …
Customer 2: You should have marked them! Now remake it with ketchup this time! No mustard!

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