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(I’m a receptionist at a vet clinic. If someone wants to pay remotely, we need a scan or photo of their card and I.D., along with something saying how much we are allowed to charge to the card, sent to the clinic’s email. The email causes trouble with some people, but this exchange takes the cake – the customer was trying to charge out and one of the techs had written our email down on a post-it for her, but had either misspelled or not clearly written it.)
Customer: I need to settle the bill, can I use my mother’s credit card if I don’t have it with me?
Me: Yes ma’am, our policy is that she scan or photograph it, along with a form of I.D. so we can make sure to have that information on file.
Customer: Alright, she doesn’t know how to do that, but she can send the photo to me and then I’ll forward it to you. Will that work?
Me: Yes that should work.
(A few minutes later, she receives the photo.)
Customer: Alright, I’ll send it to you. The email is info@(company)net-dot-com right?
Me: No ma’am, it’s info@(company)vets-dot-com. With an S at the end of vet.
Customer: Alright, you should have it in your inbox.
Me: *checks inbox* I don’t see it ma’am. Did you make sure to put an S at the end of vets when you typed it in? Happens all the time!
Customer: No… I sent it to info@(company)net-dot-com. *eyes go wide* Does this mean I’ve sent my mother’s financial information to some random email??
Me: *quickly searches (company)net-dot-com* I don’t see an actual website there, so I don’t believe anyone will be able to receive what you sent. Please resend it to info@(company)vets-dot-com. With an S.
Customer: *in a daze, distracted* Alright, info@(company)vet-dot-com right?
Me: No, info@(company)vets-dot-com. With an S at the end of vets.
Customer: *muttering to herself* info…. @….. (company)…. vet….. .com.
Me: With an S at the end!
Customer: *finally making eye contact again* Okay, I resent it.
Me: I don’t have it. (company)vets-dot-com right?
Customer: Oh! There’s an S at the end of the email address?
Me: Yes ma’am, the email is info@(company)vets-dot-com. With an S at the end, like plural vets, as in more than one vet.
(I finally got it the email and I was able to get things sorted out. But the fact that this customer was paying so little attention to where she was sending financial information made me want to face-palm!)

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