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(I used to be a gaming waitress at a large London casino, as well as roulette and black jack tables, etc.. we also had slot machines and touch screen roulette machines. I’m on the touch screen area at the moment and have just taken an order from two guys playing, I go to collect the money as one of the loses and hits the screen of the machine quite hard)

Me: Please don’t hit our machines, sir

Customer: (snatching money out of my hand) YOU are just a waitress, YOU just serve my food, YOU don’t tell me what to do

Me: Ok, but sir, please don’t hit our machines because if they break they’re very expensive to fix and you’ll be asked to cover that

Customer: I demand to speak to a manager! YOU are just a waitress

(One of the gaming managers heard the initial bang and has walked up behind the customer already)

Me: Certainly, Sir, a manager is just behind you

Manager: What seems to be the problem, sir?

Customer’s friend: (giving me back the money) I’m so sorry, keep the change too please

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