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<i>I’m working returns at my well known retail store. If you return an item without a recite, you get a store credit for the lowest sale price. An older man, in his mid 50’s, comes up to my register, with a pair of jeans. He doesn’t have a recite for them.</i>

<b>ME</b>: Looks like it’ll be $49.99 on an instore credit. It’s good for anything in the store and will not expire.

<b>MAN</b>: I want cash back.

<b>ME</b>: I’m sorry, if you don’t have a recite or gift recite, then it has to be in store credit. If these didn’t fit, you can exchange them for a pair equal to their value. We have plenty of different styles and sizes of jeans, they are actually located right behind you.

<b>MAN</b>: I don’t want stupid credit, I want cash. I don’t want these jeans, that’s why I’m returning them, idiot.

<b>ME</b>: I’m sorry but there’s now way I can give you cash on these. Can you ask who gave you the item if they have the recite? If they used the store charge card, we could return it and give them a credit on their card, you could get cash back from them. I’m really sorry, but there aren’t many options when you don’t have any kind of recite. There are plenty of other items in the store besides, jeans, to use the in store credit on.

<b>MAN</b>: Are you *bleep* kidding me? You want me to ask my 80 year old mother to come here and return these? Do your *bleep* job and give me my *bleep* money. I don’t shop at your *bleep* store and I never *bleep* will. If you can’t do this, get me someone who *bleep* can!

<i>I use our headsets to call for a manager to come, we don’t call by name, but instead use a number code for the manager you want. In this case, since I know who the manager on duty, I call her number code to come to my register.</i>

<b>MAN</b>: What the *bleep* is that number? What did you say about me?

<b>ME</b>: I’m calling a manager to speak with you, which is what you requested. Can you please step aside, she should be with you shortly.

<i>Instead of stepping aside, he continues to yell things at me. At this point, several people in line behind him start yelling for him to stop. He starts yelling at them and before I knew it, several people are screaming at each other, while others are yelling at me to call for help. He man even punches another customer in the face who had started hollering at him to stop. I quickly call 9-1-1 and our own security before he can harm anyone else.

There ends up being a law suit against the man from the guy he punched. I had to go to court to testify in the case! All this over a $50 credit a retail store. I’m sure he could have found something to buy!</i>