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2022 Roundup: The Readers’ Favorite Stories Of The Year!

| Right | December 16, 2022

Dear readers,

As part of our review of 2022, it wouldn’t be right to not include some of your favorite stories (outside of the highest voted, inspirational, and the editors’ faves), so here they are! We asked you what your favorite stories of the year were, and boy did you deliver! We’ve rounded them all here below for your reading pleasure, and we look forward to receiving your recommendations for 2023!

Let us know in the comments if you think we should have included any that we missed.


From The Mouth Of Babes, Part 15 – Retail staff have enough to worry about without pandering to your children… so they won’t!

Unintentionally Planted Knowledge – I know nothing, except this super specific yet somehow relevant knowledge!

Please, Someone Stop Them, For The Love Of God! – We’ve reached the age where the average internet user doesn’t know GeoCities!

Introducing The Friday Pig! – When the customers are gone, the staff can hog the whole store!

Her Entitlement Will Have You On The Waxed Floor – The police should use this as an example of “wasting police time”!

Makes You Wish You Could Curl Up And Dye – This story starts bad and gets worse, for better or worse.

What Is HAPPENING Over There?! – When every software glitch possible happens at once.

The Organization Is A Lie – OP versus Mother-In-Law: Aaaaaaaaand go!

Don’t Discount The Benefits Of A Discount – At the end of the day, these cakes were not a lie!

With Great Power Comes Great Literacy – Careful, this story contains bookworms.

Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys (Unless They Want To) – When I grow up I want to be 75% a village person!

Checkout This Precociousness! – Oh how joyous a checkout clerk job is to the mind of a child.

This Office Has A Rat – Never falsely accuse a call center operator of anything when you know the calls are recorded!

They Made A Grave Mistake – The new horror movie of the season: The Out-Going Call!

A Desktop Is A Desktop Is A Desktop – Sometimes you have to really dumb it down to bring them back up again.

Automatically Outraged – We’d ask what’s wrong with this customer but she puts her bags in the sink.

When They Act Tough, You Call Their Bluff – When they won’t be happy with anything, make sure you don’t give them anything.

She Should Be Made To Stand Facing The Wall For A Bit – You might want to sit down for this one, not because it’s long but because it’s about HR being… *gasp!* reasonable!

The Real Evil Here Isn’t Inside You – Read this for the karma, stay for the comments!

No Amount Of Free Snacks Can Counteract Terrible Management – Our very first story ever was about rollercoasters. This story is a rollercoaster!

Guys Like Him Deserve No Words – How to win without saying a single word…

Cause A Meltdown And Watch Your Whole Life Melt Down – How can someone be so monumentally stupid?

Move, [Redacted], Get Out The Way! – “I want to speak to the manager!” – No you don’t!


We hope you enjoyed our Readers’ Favorite Stories of 2022 roundup! Want to send in your own story and try for next year’s list? Submit your story here!

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