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2022 Roundup: The Editors’ Favorite Stories Of The Year!

| Right | December 19, 2022

Dear readers,

Editing over 10,000 stories a year means that the (smaller than you think) editing team at Not Always Right like to keep track of their personal favorites. They might not be some of the more epic and memorable stories we’ve told, and some might not score the most votes, but they entertained us and made us chuckle, and just occasionally gave us some solidarity for retail workers worldwide through satisfying comeuppance against bad customers.

We’ve rounded up twenty-three of our favorite stories from 2022! If you fancy ready way more than this feel free to check out the Editors’ Choice tag for a rabbit-hole’s worth of amazing stories!


Her Filter Melted In The Heat – This is quite possibly the best burn we’ve ever published on this site.

Good Customers, Bad Customers, It’s All Relative – Your next customer could be a lot closer than you think!

The Cry-Baby Is Not The Crying Baby – How to insult a bad customer and stay within the guidelines.

The Customer Has Too Much Data – This story is positively positronic!

Don’t Be THAT Idiot – When the customer knows it’s their fault and wants to pass on the blame to you, just pass it right back where it belongs!

Please Keep Your Spooky Action At A Distance – Never underestimate someone because they work in the service industry.

Clothes Shopping Is A Total Snore – Sometimes the universe will remind you that for very brief moments, magic exists.

Kill Bill – If they want to skip the line they can skip the meal too!

Baby-Back – They grow up so fast!

From The Mouth Of Babes, Part 15 – This is the one story we couldn’t help putting into both readers’ and editors’ favorites!

Only Accepts A-Grade Service – There is no middling grade when it comes to safety.

Should Be Paying Half As Much For Schooling – Further proof that expensive schooling can’t buy you intelligence.

This Complaint Needs A Last Will And Old Testament – When a bad Christian meets a good one.

Don’t Stress Your Third Of A Brain Cell Over It – Add this to the list of things we’re glad a customer said because we were all thinking it but weren’t allowed to say it.

Tell Me How You REALLY Feel – Don’t go for a retail worker on their last day!

Frivolous Citations Really Burn Me Up – The legal system is in distress.

Infinite Credit: The Americano Dream – At least this story tea-ters towards a good ending.

Those Mocking Someone’s Language Are Usually Those Who Don’t Speak Any Well – Racism is the one language that needs to die out.

Rated R You Serious?, Part 5 – Explain a customer’s complaint right back to them and make them realize how stupid they sound.

When The Menu And Prices Are In Your Nightmares… – Read this one very… very… carefully.

Never Pick A Fight With An Old Scottish Woman – We think the woman in this story might be the same woman from this story.

Bad Energy Versus Bad Blood – When Feng Shui goes all Feng Phooey.

The Purest Response To That Argument – We love seeing a racist’s reaction when they want to tell a Native American to go back to their home country.


We hope you enjoyed our Editors’ Choice 2022 roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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