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I work in a deli within a regional grocery store, and there is another one of our stores five minutes down the street. One of the things we do is make little sandwich platters for customers to order in advanced with their name and number, pick up at the store, and pay. One day, a woman asked us for a tray. I went to the back and saw now tray under her name, so I ask her for her number. No tray to be found. I ask her and she snootily insists the tray was at our store. She asks for a manager, while we wait we try to call the store down the street. The manager comes and, in his “The customer is always right, even when their wrong” fashion, he tells a co-worker of mine to remake the tray on the spot. The customer impatiently glares at my co-worker the entire time she is making the tray. Keep in mind we are still trying to contact the other store, but they seem to be extremely busy.
So my co-worker finishes the tray and the manager decides to give the customer the tray for free for the trouble. Not five minutes after she left, we finally got ahold of the other store and guess what? Her tray is waiting there for her. My co-worker went off on the manager for that whole situation.

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