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I work in a shop at a theme park that sells mostly clothes and accesories like hats and socks but also has 4 scarves in varying colors. I’m bringing a scarf to fill the display when a guest puts a scarf they were looking at on the shelf. We dispaly the scarves so u can the emblem on the one end without pulling it out, and most guests dont put it back like that (including this one). I made a mental note to check the display again in a minute or 2 once the guest had wandered off so they didnt feel bad about putting it up wrong and just fold the one I was bringing in half (the tag is placed to the scarf is always in half so this was like folding it in half twice) and place it on the top of the second pile. The guest sees this and takes her scarf back off and folds it in half and puts it back.

Me: Thank you! *smile*

I turned around to re-roll a towel on the display next to it. I still had to fix the scarf once the guest left (the embelm was upside down) but it made my day that she tried to help. I know they probably wont read this but thank you random guest for trying to help! :)