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(My boyfriend and I are getting milkshakes at a drive-thru near his house.)

Employee: Hi, welcome to [blank] can I take your order?

Me: Hi, can I get a [whatever it was, I don’t remember, it’s not important] and a blackberry shake? [THIS is important]

Employee: Okay, that’s a [shake] and a strawberry shake?

Me: No, it’s a [shake] and a BLACKberry shake.

Employee: Oh! Okay, sorry. A [shake] and a blackberry shake. Please pull forward.

(We do so.)

Employee: Hi, that was a [shake] and a blueberry shake? That’ll be [amount]. It’ll be out in just a second.

Me: [handing him the money] No, actually, it was a [shake] and a BLACKBERRY SHAKE.

Employee: Oh! Whoops, hang on. Guys…

(He gives me my change and shuts the window to tell the other employees. We’re sitting there for a few minutes, and another employee comes up…with something that still does not look like a blackberry shake. That employee looks over their shoulder and then disappears. My boyfriend and I are a little weirded out – we’ve said multiple times that it was supposed to be blackberry. Finally, a young manager comes over. We can tell because it says MANAGER on his name tag.)

Manager: Sorry about the wait, guys! They made a raspberry one instead – but you said blackberry, right?

Me: Yup.

Manager: One second…

(Manager disappears for a second, and then comes back with both drinks.)

Manager: Here you go, sorry about that. One [shake] and one blackberry shake.

Me: No problem, guys, thanks.

Boyfriend, digging into his BLACKBERRY SHAKE: What the heck was that about?

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