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(This happened to me during the first weeks at my new job, the conversation was in French so I translated it. An elderly lady comes in, so I greet her.)

Me: Hi! May I help you?

Customer: Yes, I would like those things for a tablet…

Me: A stylus?

Customer: No, no, those things to touch the tablet with, you use it instead of your finger…

Me: A stylus.

Customer: No, you can use it on a tablet…

Me: … It looks like a pen but to use on a tablet or a phone or anything with a touchscreen?

Customer: YES! Exactly!

(I show her some of the products we have.)

Customer: Yes, that is exactly what I wanted! What is it called?

Me: A stylus.

(As I know she will argue, I show her on the packaging where it is written in both French and English. She looks at it for a moment.)

Customer: Really? That does not sound right, it must be a bad translation, those English people are so weird sometimes. It has to have a real name.

Me: …Who knows…

(I do not want to argue so I just go to the register so she can pay and so I can go back to what I was doing.)

Me: Thank you, have a nice day!

Customer: Thank you, you too. I will go home and try to find out how it is really called. Stylus cannot be right.

(She gets out still going on about it and I look at my boss, telling her what just happened from the beggining.)

Boss: Get used to it, some people will never believe you even if you show them all the proofs in the world.

Me: Seriously?..

(She goes on to tell me some of the stuff she encountered through the years. Since that time, that kind of things happened so often that I just go on as if nothing happens.)

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