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I work in a college which is located next door to a famous museum, which is frequently visited by many tourists. Although the museum has a 10-foot sign at the door which can be seen and easily read from the bottom of the street, this always happens:
Tourist: “Is this where I buy tickets?”
Me: “I’m sorry; you’re in the wrong building. The [Museum] is next door: go outside, cross the road and turn right. It’s the next one along.”
Tourist: “So I go outside and turn left?”
Me: *internally screaming, externally smiling* “Let me show you.”
(I take them out and direct them again. When I’m back at my desk, the phone rings.)
Me: “Good morning, [College].”
Caller: “Is this the [Museum]?”
Yep, they somehow manage to find the phone number for a building next to the one they want. Happens six times a day.

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