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[I’m ringing up a customer with two salad plates.]
Me: If I could start with your phone number in the PIN pad, please?
Customer: What do you need *that* for?
Me: It’s just in case you need to return an item without a receipt, we can look you up via phone number. We don’t call you or give it out.
Customer: Do I look like I’m going to return them? I won’t do it, and hurry up!
Me: Sure, no problem. [I ring up her plates, give her her total, and go to wrap them like we do for all breakable items.]
Customer: what are you doing that for? Just give them to me, they’re for a dinner party and I’m already running late!
Me: Oh, alright, sorry about that, I just didn’t want them to…
Customer: Just give them to me! I’m going to be late! [My manager who’s ringing up another customer glances over]
Manager: Just so you know, if those break or chip en route because you didn’t want them wrapped, we won’t be liable for the damage.
Customer: Whatever, I’m late. I still don’t know what took so long. [She takes her plates and leaves, I hear my manager mumbling under her breath.]
Manager: A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on ours…

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