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2021 Roundup! The Best Feel-Good Stories Of The Year!

, | Right | December 20, 2021

Dear readers,

Another year, another reason to be thankful we made it through. While 2021 certainly had its trials and tribulations, there were also many reasons for smiles and joy. We’ve rounded up twenty-five stories from the year that we hope might restore your faith in humanity, and give you hope that 2022 will be a better year!


The Gangster, The Pizza, And The Baby – Careful… this pizza comes with lots of onions!

An Unexpected Transition – We hope this story does not leave you confused.

A Colorful Wedding For A Colorful Family – Never be the person who stops someone living their joy when it is hurting precisely no one!

Taking “Home Away From Home” To The Next Level – It’s always fun to go on vacation and be ‘adopted’!

Tragedy Often Exposes Kindness In Strange Places – On a day of tragedy, little kindnesses add up.

Cars! All The Different Cars! – Some inspirational stories don’t need to be kind, they just need to be cool!

That’s One Super Supervisor – To have a boss who has your back can be the single reason why a workforce is happy.

Better Safe Than Sorry – If teens are gonna teen, then parents are gonna parent, and this is doing it right.

Dogs Bring EVERYONE Together – Look, this story has doggos. Does it need an introduction?

A Tale Worthy Of A Book – Meet another hero librarian!

A Jump, A Fall, And A Lesson – Look, we all know most kids won’t own up to mistakes on their own, but they have to start somewhere!

There’s “Thank You” And Then There’s Literally Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is – Sometimes the customer can be right, and they can be sooooooo right!

Thoughtful Customer. Does Not Compute. – It’s sad that it’s so rare for a customer to recognize that an employee is a person too.

These People Are Extra Good At Kindness – The last line of this story is “People really are remarkable.” We’re sure you will agree!

Love In A Handbag – If you bring a little kindness into the world each day, then you’re part of the solution, not the problem!

Smiles For Miles! – Making a sick kid smile is great, but making their eyes as wide as saucers… well THAT deserves to be on this list!

The “Awesome” Tag Was Made For Workers Like This – Some people just do right by their job and that on its own can be amazing.

Not All Customer Service Has Been Butchered – Even cat people will find this story adorable!

A Kind Streak – Let this story introduce a little color into your day.

Fostering Some Growth In Your Classmates – As it turns out, some people really are capable of growth!

Taking Kindness To A New Height – It doesn’t take action-movie levels of heroism to help someone out.

Thank You For Being A Friend (And An Amazing Uncle!) – Someone’s gaydar is spot-on!

A Quarter A Tray Brings Kindness To Stay – When people band together, they can create real change!

Read Between The Lines – Some rules are just meant to be bent.

We hope you liked our end-of-year roundup of feel-good stories! If you want to read more of our inspirational content, you can do so right here!

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