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My mother takes my brother and I (nine and seven respectively) to the local supermarket for our weekly shop. The supermarket has a restaurant/café, and our mum decides to get us lunch there. It is cheap, she is feeling a bit ill and doesn’t really want to cook, and there are foods like hot dogs that she knows we’ll eat.

Our mum orders at the counter, and we’re sitting at our table drawing or something, waiting for our food, when a man at the next table stands up and bellows at the top of his voice: “NO! NO MUSHY PEAS!”

I mean, I don’t particularly like mushy peas either, but there was probably a way to let the staff in the restaurant know that he didn’t want them with his meal.

And for those wondering, I saw his plate arrive and there were most certainly no mushy peas. Even now, we still joke about that man’s passionate dismissal of mushy peas.

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