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I’m busy tidying when I hear increasingly loud voices from the desk. My colleague doesn’t like computers; whenever someone has a question about them, she passes it on to me.

Colleague: I’m not sure where she is-
Patron: Well get them here NOW!
Colleague: AlRIGHT, I’m trying to find her!
Patron: Isn’t there ANYONE here who knows how to use a bloody computer??

I wander over and ask the lady what she needs. She’s having trouble logging into her email, so I go to her computer and ask her to show me what’s happening. She’s currently on the “reset password” screen.

Me: Okay, so you should be able to just type the new password and then-
She types the password and immediately hits enter, skipping the “confirm your new password” step. The site says “Please confirm your password”
Patron: You SEE?
Me: That’s alright, you just need to-
Patron: *does it again*
Me: Okay, wait, you need to-
Patron: *does it again* It’s just shit! I don’t understand what’s wrong!
Me: The problem is that you didn’t confirm the password; it wants it twice, to make sure you haven’t made any mistakes. So just type the password but don’t hit enter… Okay, now click in the box that says “Confirm”
Patron: Like this? *clicks submit*
Me: No… okay… just type the password and don’t hit enter… okay, now click HERE *jabs the screen* and type your password again…
She finally gets it right! Then comes up with this gem:
Patron: So that’s done, is it? And that’s my password now? I don’t understand why I couldn’t just use my old one!
Me either, lady, but maybe if I hadn’t wanted to get rid of your crappy attitude as fast as possible, I’d have checked whether or not you had any idea what you were doing to begin with.

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