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(Our high-volume store is currently lined up practically out the door and has been all day.)

Customer: *approaches counter* “What do I want?”

Me: *smiles and holds back tears* “let’s figure it out! Do you want hot or cold”

Customer: “I don’t know? Can you help me?”

Me: *clenches jaw tightly, still smiling* “Yeah, sure! Do you want something with caffeine?”

Customer: “I don’t know, what do I want?”

Me: *cheerfully squeezes my hands so tight my fingernails dig into my palms* “Do you want something that tastes like coffee? Or maybe something fruity?”

Customer: “Can you, like, suggest some things?”

Me: *happily jams pen into my own temple* “HOW ABOUT THE SMORES FRAPPUCCINO?”

Customer: “uhhhm can you do it like without all the stuff?”

Me: *bleeding from the eyes, still smiling and friendly* “sure thing!” *writes down a café vanilla Frappuccino with shaking fingers* “Can I get you anything else?”

Customer’s girlfriend: *continues to stare blankly at the menu* “uhhhm I dunno… what do I want?”

(Please consider either deciding while you’re in line, or stepping to the side while you think so the line can continue to flow)

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