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I work the fitting room at a big box store. The fitting room associate is also responsible for answering all incoming phone calls.
Me: Thank you for calling (store). How may I direct your call?
Caller: I guess I need to speak to a manager or something. I live in North Carolina, and my son and his family live there. I want to buy some bikes and pay for them over the phone.
Me: I’m sorry, ma’am, but we cannot do transactions over the phone. Your best bet would be to either buy them online and have them shipped here, or maybe send them the money and have them buy it.
Caller, with attitude: Are YOU a manager?!
Me: No, but I will get you one. Please hold.
After a manager took her call, I could see that the line was lit up for a few more minutes. I really wish I knew what the manager said to her.

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