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(Long ago I managed a high end store. We got a lot of foreign customers over the holidays looking to send stuff to their families. I for some reason I have an easy time understanding other languages so I always stepped in if an employee looked super confused.
In this event an employee flagged me down because a Japanese family was having problems telling her what they wanted. I traded places with her and helped the family and walked them all through checkout. They only spoke Japanese and I only spoke English but we understood each other and they walked out with quite a bit of stuff and big smiles.)

Next customer to come up to the counter: Ugh! Don’t you hate it when those foreign kind don’t speak American!

Me: I don’t care where they came from as long as they are decent human beings. Also, American isn’t a language.

Customer: I think they shouldn’t let any foreign types in!

Me taking their box and putting it behind me: Your ancestors started as foreigners. You are also sorrounded by them *gesturing to the line built of Russians and Arabs*. Oh and that’s my boyfriend over there *pointing out the window to a kiosk* He’s here on a work visa.
I’m refusing the sale for your being rude. GET OUT!

Customer: You can’t do that! I’ll report you!

Me: I can, I will, and it’s done. *big smile* Bye!

(She stomped out. My employees looked at me like I was going to get my head chopped off. Other people in line complimented me. I got on the phone really quickly with all the other foreigners in the mall and spread the word. A half hour later I saw the woman stomp by without bags. Looking really mad. My friends refused to serve her and pretended they couldn’t speak English.
My boss only heard the story from me because I fessed up quick as I don’t believe in hiding. He laughed.)

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