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I work in a computer lab of a small library in NLR, AR. Every once in a while we get a unstable patron that comes in. A patron came in earlier and was causing a slight commotion over scrap paper, when he suddenly left. He came back moments later and I had this conversation with him:

Patron: So you got curly hair, and a blue dress on? okay I got cha’.
Me: Ummmm……
Patron: Federal law says you gotta give me paper!
Me: Sir, I’m sure that there is no such Federal Law, but I can give some scrap paper just not a full sheet.
Patron: You know now that Trump is president things will get better.
Me: Okay.
Patron: Trump is gonna take all the jobs away from woman and put them back in their place!
Me: Sir?
Patron: Y’all *points to me and a co-worker* better get your a** back in the kitchen.
Me: Sir, I find what your saying highly offensive I’m gonna ask that you leave the library now.
Patron: I’m just letting you know that you wont have a job for long. Get your a** in the kitchen B*%$#.

Eventually I have to call the cops because he won’t leave, and for offensive language.

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