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I’m a pastry and baking student at a well known program in Seattle. We take orders, and Thanksgiving is probably our biggest order time. The table where orders are picked up isn’t right in front of the scaling room with all the ingredients, which is where I am.

A woman comes in to get her order (five pies), and opens all the boxes.

Woman: There’a sugar on my berry pie. I didn’t want sugar on my berry pie.

Student: I’m sorry, ma’am, but it doesn’t say on your order that you didn’t want sanding sugar on your pie.

Woman: But I told the chick who took my order that I didn’t want sugar!

Student: I’m sorry, ma’am. If you can wait fifteen minutes we can bake a pie without sugar for you.


The woman flips out, screaming about how she told the chick taking her order that she didn’t want sugar on top of her blueberry pie, and about how she deserved a free pie for her trouble. The student keeps trying to calm her down, still offering to make her a new pie without sanding sugar on top, asking if she would like to trade it for a pumpkin or pecan pie.

Chef appears around the corner, no doubt attracted by the sound of screaming. The student looks visibly relieved. The woman suddenly becomes super polite and explains, and Chef apologizes and offers to make her a fresh pie.

Woman, looking smug: That would be great.

She turns and glares at the other student, and says: But it would have been even better if she had offered first.

Chef, who had heard the entire thing before he came up to talk to her: We like customers to be happy, but we also have a very strict policy on not mistreating our students. Please take your pies and go before I call security.

Woman looks utterly shocked. Yells about how she’ll be reporting us to the dean for being so rude to her, and storms out.

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