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I work at one of the largest mattress chains in the country, and it is our policy to greet the customer as quickly as possible and give them our spiel when they walk in the door. A few days before this I had fallen and sprained my foot/ankle, nothing serious, but it has left me with a bit of a limp for a few days. As this customer comes in I hobble up to greet her from my desk at the very back of the store.

Customer: Oh no you’re hurt! You shouldn’t be having to walk around like that!
Me: It’s no problem, it happened a few days ago and is mostly fine now but I thank you for your concern!
Customer: I can’t believe they’re making you walk and haul beds around with your leg all messed up like that, how awful of them!

She goes on like this grumbling about how terrible it is that I have to work with a injured foot and how awful the company must be to force me to come in etc ect as she has me lead her around to look at every bed in the store, this of course being one of the larger stores in the area. She never did buy anything either!

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