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(At the time that this story takes place, I worked in a fast place that sold specifically tacos and similar items. The store was small, and had very clearly marked banners and pictures of our food all over. The customer enters the store and spends several minutes looking at our menu, which also has photos of our food next to each item.)

Customer: Taco burgers, huh?

Me: Yes, sir. I know they sound odd, but they’re actually very good!

Customer: What about your other burgers?

Me: I’m sorry? We’re a taco place, sir. Those are our only burgers.

Customer: *looks around, seeming confused* I thought this was [popular burger joint]?

Me: No, sir… They’re located just down the road from us.

Customer: Oh… Okay. *wanders out of the store, still looking incredibly confused*

Me: …Okay, then.

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