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I stop at my favorite Thai take-away for supper. There is a sign on the door: “Cash Only. Sorry, our card machine is faulty.” The same sign is repeated inside the restaurant: in front of the till and on the wall behind the cashier. Unusually, the manager is standing next to the cashier and both look a little tense.

Me: Hello.

Cashier: Sorry sir, we can only accept cash, our card machine is broken.

Me: I know, I saw the signs.

Both the manager and the cashier stare at me in surprise.

Manager: You’re the first person to notice them!

Cashier: Nobody reads them!

I chuckle.

Me: This sounds like a story from NotAlwaysRight.

Manager: What’s that?

I explain about this site and give her the URL. While I place my order she pulls out her phone.

Later on when my order is called I see the manager is still reading her phone and the cashier too. Both are now smiling.

Cashier: Thank you. Those stories are funny.

Manager: Thank you. You made my day.

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