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Im at the customer service desk at the store I work in when a lady comes up and tells me that there is a drunk homeless woman sleeping in one of the try-out Massage Chairs.

Lady: “its really disgusting, she snores and everything. You have to kick her out.”

Im alarmed as my desk is directly next to the entry of the shopping area and I try to keep an eye on the customers who come in in order to prevent such things from happening. The lady leads me to the Chair-Section and points out the culprit.

Lady: “there she is,probably sleeping off her buzz. These people are really disgusting.”

While there indeed is a woman dozing in one of the chairs, nothing about her is any indication that she is homeless or otherwise an irregular customer in any way. Next to the chair is a shopping basket half full with the usual stuff. I still have to check on the woman, but before I can make any move, the lady who reported the incident rushes forward and slaps the sleeping woman in the face.

Lady: “wake up bitch, you can’t sleep here where normal people want to shop! Get beck under the bridge you crawled out from!”

The woman of course jolts awake and the lady even tips the Massage chair so the woman falls out of it and lands on her face. I’m so shocked and a colleague comes over hearing the ruckus. The lady keeps insulting the woman now on the floor and even kicks her before we can restrain her! My colleague holds her arms and I Radio security, before I go to help up the poor woman on the floor.

Me: “are you alright? I’m so sorry, I have no idea what got into her! You fell asleep in the chair and she asked us to remove you, but I am so sorry for what happened!”

The Woman is in shock and only stammers “im fine…I’m fine…I need to call my husband…”

Security takes both of them away to the police that was called and i follow as I’m asked to testify what happened. It turns out the sleeping woman had just had twins 3 weeks ago and this was her first trip to the store while her husband watched the babies. She said she could not resist to try out the chairs with all the aches she had and due to sleepless nights just dozed off. She even apologised to me multiple times. The attacking lady first kept Berating everybody about how she was lying homeless scum and whatnot, but grew silent after the officers told her what charges could be made against her.

The mother was asked if she wanted to press charges: “I will not, if she apologises To me. I don’t have time for this, my twins are at home and I need to feed them soon. I don’t know what got into her, but it’s nothing that can be helped by a conviction i think.”
The attacking lady refuses at first, but after another hint from the officers that she could even face jailtime for her actions, she grumbles an apology.

two days later the mother returns with her husband and twins, which are super adorable, and ask for the manager.

Mother: “i just wanted to apologize for the commotion caused and thank your employees for stepping in to get her off me. Thanks a lot.”

My manager and i assure her she has nothing to apologize. My boss even offers her a giftcard which she declines as it’s “not our fault in any way”. He still insists to gift them something and in the end they get a giant diaper box for every twin.

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