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At the store I work at, we are known for stocking a variety of nice little giftables during the holidays. So, the company naturally throws a sale on these giftable items (such as mugs, stationary, little beauty products, candles, etc). At the time, only these items are on sale – nothing else is, no clothing and nothing from the sale section.

So, today a lady comes up to my register and plunks down this big pitcher from the sale section. I ring her up and tell her the price, which is the sale price marked on the bottom. She looks straight at me without batting and eyelash and says “No it isnt.”

I rushed to check the price on the bottom thinking it is incorrectly marked. Of course it is not and I tell her that is the price. She says, “No, its **% off.”

Me: “Oh, Im sorry. It’s only certain giftables around the store like candles and stationary.”

Lady: “This is a gift. Your sign outside says **% off gifts, so it’s **% off. Go look at your sign.”

At this point I’m thinking, oh great I have a crazy. But, I humor her and go look at the sign. Its says “**% off Gifts.” Great, I have a stickler who thinks she can get what she wants by bending the signs meaning to her will.

I am an MIT, but this lady isn’t going to listen to me – its quite clear she means to have a fight and wants to mess with us as much as possible. So I grab the Store Manager for help and this lady goes totally all out with her. My manager tells her the exact same thing and she just says “Nope, its **% off, that is what you sign says,” to each things my manager says.

She drags the store manager out to look at the sign and is exclaims how there is no asterisk or fine print to specify the items that count as gifts (everything is specified inside the store, mind you). She takes photos of the sign and says she is going to complain to corporate. My manager replies telling her that corporate gives her the signage so she has no control over what the sign says and that she could go right ahead and call corporate but that she would not give her the **% unless corp approved it.

The psycho lady called the customer service line and complained like a child about it – and of course they gave her the **% off.

Now, I do admit that having a sign thats says **% off Gifts is ambiguous – however the lady did not have to be mean and condescending about it. Some people just have to pick a fight in order to feel good and this was one of them.

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