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I work in the Social Services Offices as a receptionist. During this time, we were very short on social workers, so it was up to reception to “weed out” any clients that wanted to see a worker. Only issues of emergent or vital need were getting through to workers (utilities being disconnected, any criminal matters, etc.). I had this conversation more than three times a day:

Client: I’d like to see [worker].

Me: What do you need to see worker about?

Client: I just need to see them.

Me: I can’t get the worker down here for you unless you tell me why you need to see them.

Client: It’s none of your business why I need to see them. Just get them down here!

Me: Sir, there is no way for me to get the worker to come down unless there is an urgent need for you to talk to a worker in person. The only way I can convince the worker that you need to see them is if you tell me WHY you need to see them.

Client: *holds out paper* I need to give them this bill. It’s due next month and I need it to be paid.

Me: *Internally screaming*

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