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I work in cosmetics at a popular store. We have 2 points of sale areas, cosmetics & front store. Cosmeticians are required to ring out cosmetics at the cosmetics till. We have a percentage that we have to keep up & even taking a $2 lipstick will screw with our numbers plus half the time these things end up stolen. (We also get a small amount of commission) this happened on the day before Christmas Eve. My coworker is on break so I’m it. I love Christmas & I love people so I’m always happy & upbeat.

A lady with 2 perfumes starts walking away to the front & we have techniques to get them to leave their stuff with us.

Me: hey would you like that gift wrapped?
Lady: ugh! No!
Me with a big smile still on my face : ok! Are you all set? I can ring you in right here!
Lady: no I have stuff I need to get at the front!
Me after looking at the front and seeing the giant line forming: OK I’ll just keep those at cosmetics and whatever you’re all set you can come back and bring it out with me I never really have a lineup even at this time of year.
Lady: ugh! Can’t I just take them to the front?
Me: well we try to keep cosmetics in cosmetics.
Lady: well, nobody else ever had a problem.
Me: well sometimes we don’t see …*gets cut off*
Lady: UGH!!! HERE!!!
She goes away to the front shop to get her other stuff comes back with absolutely nothing but with a huge attitude. I continue to have a really sickeningly sweet voice with a big smile on my face as I rang her in.

Me: have a great day!!!
Lady: glares at me

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