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It’s the ending part of a steady day and I’m doing my closing duties. This man and his young son come in wanting a buffet (I work in a well known pizza buffet place). So I charge them accordingly and ask if they’d like drinks to which he doesn’t answer so I guess he might not have heard me as he was on his phone; he says he has the app for our store and gives me his phone to put in the code and I do so. His total comes out to 7 dollars and I inform him.
Customer: why is it 7 dollars?
Me: well sir after the adult buffet was taken off you are left with the adult drink, and the child’s buffet and drink.
Customer: but why is it 7 dollars?
Me: again sir you still have the two drinks and the child buffet.
Customer: it shouldn’t be 7 dollars, I got a free buffet!
Me: *getting agitated, points to the sign* sir, the adult buffet is *amount* plus tax. The code took off your buffet and you are left with an adult drink at *amount*, and a child buffet and drink at *amounts* with tax the comes out to 7 dollars even.
Customer: oh I don’t want a drink.
Me: ok, would you like a drink for your son?
Customer: sure.
Me: ok your new total is *amount*
I cash him out and continue my closing duties, wondering why some people don’t listen.

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