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(I’m the acting general manager of a chain pizza restaurant. To promote our service staff up-selling, we have signs guaranteeing free breadsticks if they are not offered. All the signage clearly states that breadsticks may be offered at any time up to the processing of payment to count as us offering. One customer disagrees.)

Me: (running a register because it’s slow and I’m bored): Hi, how are-


Me: Okay, what else-

Customer: And you didn’t offer me breadsticks! Now I get them for free!

Me: I was about to ask if you wanted any breadsticks or wings with –

Customer: NO! You didn’t! Now are you going to give me my breadsticks, or should I call the manager?

(I attempt to explain the promotion, but after a few words in he insists on a manager. I hoped my obviously different uniform would give it away, but I guess not.)

Me: I’m actually the acting general man-

Customer: NO! I know the store manager, he’s nice. He would never rip off a customer like this.

Me (to nearby employee): [employee], why, if this man knows our GM, does he not know we’ve been without one for four months?

Customer (blushing, eyes wide open): I am sooooo sorry. I’ll just take the pizzas. Do you know where the nearest pharmacy is around here?

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