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Me : Welcome to customer service, this is [My Name], how Can I help you today ?

Customer : This is [customer], I bought something on line three weeks ago, and I don’t have any news. I got people fired for less !

Me : Fine, do you have the purchase number ? We should have sent you a mail when you made your purchase.

Customer : You think I’d bother taking notes of that ? I had more important stuff to do ! And I don’t have access to my computer !

Me : (trying to conceal my annoyance) Ok, do you have your account’s ID so I can identify you ?

Customer : Are you deaf, I told you I don’t have acess to my computer !

Me : Fine, can I have your first and last name please ?

Customer : Go f*** yourself !

(She hangs up, I hear my manager bursting into laughter as she was listening. The customer calls the next day, it turned out she never validated her purchase, since she wouldn’t pay “until she made valuable use of her acquisition.” Said product was a box of chocolate.

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