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(I work in customer service at a big company store, and I only got trained to serve people at the kiosk, where we serve cigarettes, the day before. It is an *extremely* busy Sunday and we couldn’t call any more people to come help us out at the registers because every register had someone on. I’m working as fast as I can…)

Customer #1: (at the cigarette counter, in a pleasant voice) “I would like [brand of cigarette] in [size and colour].”
Me: “Sure, do you have any ID on you?”
Customer #1: “No, how come?”
Me: “Because, if you look younger than 25, it is our company policy that we’re not allowed to sell you cigarettes. Sorry!”
Customer #1: “Oh no worries! I’ll just go home and grab it, if you don’t mind!”
Me: “Sure.”

*This encounter took less than a minute*

Me: (as I’m walking to the actual register where a customer and many other people are waiting) “Hi, sorry ab-”
Customer #2: “THAT TOOK WAY TOO LONG.”
Me: “Sorry about the wait ma’am-”
Customer #2: “Yeah, whatever. On top of my purchase, when you’re done, I would like a packet of [3 different brands of cigarettes], a big lighter, and 25grams of [brand] tobacco.”
Me: “Sure thing.”
Customer #2: *Customer’s phone rings* “Yeah, what?” *starts complaining about me to whoever is on the phone*

Customer 3#: (whispering and chuckling a little) “The rest of the line agrees with this, you can scan her items as slow as you’d like, she’s rude so we don’t mind.”
*Supervisor, who is behind me and knows what’s going on, winks at me*
Me: “No problem.”

Me: *As I finish ringing up the customer’s items.* “Ok, your total is [total].” (I can see that customer #1 has returned.)
Customer #2: “F****** FINALLY!” She stormed out with her groceries.
Me: *To customer #3* “Sorry, I’ll just be back.”
Customer #3: “No worries, love.”
Me: *getting customer 1’s cigarettes* “Sorry about that!”
Customer #1: *holding out ID* “Oh it’s no problem! Geez, that woman was rude.”

(I rang up her items and returned to the register.)

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