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(I’m working in the Annuals Department of a large garden center, watering plants in the shade section. A woman comes over to me.)
Customer: Excuse me, where is your Sweet Potato Vine?
Me: Right over here.
(I lead her across the green house to the Sweet Potato Vine. This plant is an excellent trailing plant, and it is one of the most popular plants in our department. We carry about three different shapes in green, and two or three different shapes in purple.)
Customer: Hm… there’s a lot… which do you think would look best with this plant?
(I look at the plant she has in her cart, then at all the Sweet Potato Vine. I pick up a purple one.)
Me: I think this might look nice.
Customer: Eew. I don’t like that.
(The woman walked away before I could suggest another, leaving me standing there holding a Sweet Potato Vine.)

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